Democratic Consortium Message No.10 July15

Crowds at Moral Monday continue to grow – The Forward Together Movement is making a difference

With the continued reactionary and regressive actions by the General Assembly it is more important than ever to lend your presence to the Moral Monday protests

The themes of upcoming Moral Mondays:

July 15th — Women’s and Family issue

July 22nd — A call to all faiths to recognize their respective tradition’s concept of compassion and operationalize it through their community actions.


Anybody seen the Governor? Send a picture to the newspaper?

McCrory apparently fantasizes interactions with “rude” protesters.

‘The Decline of North Carolina’ reads Wednesday’s NY Times lead editorial.

Loss of our progressive image can have huge economic repercussions.

What is the cost of no longer being well thought of, let alone #1, in so many areas?

‘Dismantling the beacon of the South’ echoes the N&O.

N&O Link to NYTimes editorial

NYTimes editorial

Republicans hold power in every Southern State

Shift to minority party status particularly reduces African-American political power.

Regressive strategy to “bleach” districts leaves Republican majority among white voters.

North Carolina becomes “a Tea Party test tube”.

We need a real jobs plan and we need it now!

Please sign this petition telling the extremists we’ve had enough of their smoke and mirrors


The anti-jobs crowd sent their big guns to Washington to make their case for selling one of North Carolina’s largest employers to the Chinese.


Democratic Consortium Message No. 9 July 8

Moral Monday – Join the Swelling Numbers of People to Hear the Numbers on Medicaid Rejection, Unemployment Benefit Cuts, Tax “Reform” and What It Will Cost You.

Come out July 8 and tell the heartless, backsliding legislature what you think.

As if it wasn’t a bad enough bill already, the cowardly, “government knows what is best for women” legislature has snuck reactionary abortion restrictions onto an already ridiculous “Sharia Law” bill.

Touted as questionable health safety measures, the provisions mirror regressive efforts in some other states that are clearly designed to make it financially difficult to provide abortion services.

The arguments supporting the need for these measures are so weak that they were slipped into a pre-existing bill with no notice and little opportunity for debate.

Will Governor McCrory keep his campaign promise not to sign any bill that restricts access to abortions? Given that it is questionable who is actually in charge we doubt it (see below)?

When did we elect Art Pope Governor?

Buying the Courts in North Carolina — Lobbyist, Republican mega donor, and State Budget Director Art Pope single-handedly killed judicial public financing.

Democratic, Republican, and Independent voters strongly favor public campaign financing for judicial elections.  The voters get it, but apparently not the GOP legislators.  How did these guys ever get in office?

And what does McCrory have to say? Not much.

The Injustice Report: If our Judges are indebted to big-money donors will they feel obligated to rule in favor of the donors’ agendas? The bought and paid for legislature wants the judiciary to follow suit.

Would these agendas include thwarting challenges to any of big-money’s pet causes? Maybe pushing along executions now that the Racial justice Act has been repealed? Maintaining public funding of private schools? Redistricting? Voting rights?

“The founders realized there has to be someplace where being right is more important than being popular or powerful, and where fairness trumps strength. And in our country, that place is supposed to be the courtroom.” Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

And have you seen the strong-arm tactic of Art Pope and Civitas in an attempt to silence North Carolina citizens involved in the Moral Monday protests?  — straight out of the George Wallace playbook of the segregated south — To what else will the Republicans resort?

Democratic Consortium Message No. 8 June 28

North Carolinians make a statement against the regressive Republican politics of destruction, as the Moral Monday crowds continue to swell. Mega Moral Monday on July 1 will emphasize the looming unemployment benefits cuts for 70,000 people and GOP efforts to restrict voting.

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a troubling ruling last week that significantly weakens the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

– Our NC Republican legislators see this ruling as a justification to obliterate voting rights in North Carolina and an excuse for changing the rules to keep traditional Democratic voters (the elderly, youth, minorities, and the poor) from the polls by doing the following: *Implementing voter ID requirements. *Reducing early voting and eliminating Sunday voting.*Doing away with same-day registration.

North Carolina’s natural beauty and the health of its citizens are jeopardized by GOP initiatives that are aimed to weaken environmental protections and oversights, all at the request of ALEC and big-money donors. Take a look at the following bills:

** S-76 — ends state’s moratorium on hydraulic fracturing; threatens drinking water supplies and fragile waterways

**S-515 — repeals standards to reduce pollution from wastewater plants, storm drains and upstream sources that flow into Jordan Lake

** S-328 — Polluting Jordan and Falls Lakes isn’t enough, so the Legislators are going to let garbage trucks leak rotting trash throughout our neighborhoods.

-**H-1011 — allows the utility company big-money campaign contributors through the governor and the Republican-led legislature to dismiss the current expert members of the state’s utilities and environmental regulatory boards and appoint their friends

NC has been referred to in the national media as the most reactionary state in the country. Others have called the state “regressive”.

**Reactionary = Ultraconservative.

**Regressive is defined as becoming less advanced, returning to a former or less developed state.

Here’s a quote that sums up the situation:

**“Getting dramatic economic change at the federal level is very difficult,” said Tim Phillips, president of the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity. “A few years ago, the idea we had was to create model states. North Carolina was a great opportunity to do that – more so than any other state in the region. If you could turn around a state like that, you could get real reform.”

Is NC the first domino to fall? What does it mean for all North Carolinians.? Which states are next?

Democratic Consortium Message No. 7 June 21

See you at the 8th Wave of Moral Mondays – 5:00 pm, June 24, Halifax Mall

Repealing Justice: New action by governor makes it easier for the innocent to face execution. Is that fair?

McCrory signs the repeal of the Racial Justice Act

Speaking of immoral, remember that the North Carolina GOP Rejected the Medicaid Expansion program

The program would have been at no cost to the state for 3 years and no more than 10% of total cost in succeeding years.

The North Carolina Medicaid program has been a national model of effective coordinated care that reduces expensive last-minute emergency room treatment It just works!

Rejection of expansion will leave 500,000 of North Carolina’s citizens uninsured. It results in significant additional cost to the state’s hospitals for uncompensated care

We pay those higher medical costs through our taxes

And that’s not all

The Legislature proposes a troubling reduction in eligibility of pregnant women for the state’s Medicaid program. Result: more under-weight premature babies. That’s a terrible cost in both money and infant health care. This is the compassion of a Republican legislator. Is it your compassion?

NC got its report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers. We got a “C”.

Whether water and sewer for rural areas, or good roads, every administration in recent memory has had a focus on building some part of NC’s physical environment.

Are we still the “good roads” state? How about a C for roads, a D for dams and over the next 5 years $1.5 billion needed for bridges, $1.2 billion for wastewater, and $8.2 billion for schools.

This is not the time to underfund such basic building blocks of public growth. Upgraded infrastructure and job opportunities go hand-in-hand. We need to put citizens to work!

Democratic Consortium Message No. 6 June 14

Citizens increase their support for Moral Mondays and the Forward Together Movement

The Wake County Democratic Party and the North Carolina Democratic Party endorse Moral Mondays and the Forward Together movement.

Bishops of the Catholic, Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Methodist Churches, in a joint letter, endorse Moral Mondays, while emphasizing the moral imperative.

Gov. McCrory lies in saying that Moral Mondays are dominated by outside agitators. That is what foreign dictators are also saying to their citizens. We North Carolinians are guaranteed the right to present grievances to our government.

So you want to participate, but don’t know what to expect. Take a look at this link –

North Carolina has historically been a national leader in education.  Regressive Republicans propose a budget that destroys that reputation.

It reduces the eligibility cut-off for Smart Start, removing children of many working poor persons from the program.

Removes funding for K-3 teachers’ assistants and allows increased class size. Do they really believe that larger classes improve teaching effectiveness?

Creates vouchers that takes money away from our public schools and don’t fully pay private school tuition either. That’s not the family values we know.

Reduces funding for the oldest public university system in the nation and forces some students who are admitted to four-year institutions to go to community college for two years instead.

And that is not all that is wrong with the regressive and unfair proposed budget.

The House bill will raise taxes on middle class and lower income families while broadening the sales tax to include food and services not currently taxed

The greatest share of tax cuts would go to the wealthiest 5% of NC citizens. That’s not family values; it is just unfair!

If this plan passes as written, NC could lose $500 million in revenue per year.

The Republicans did not even consider an existing bi-partisan, revenue neutral bill Thoughtless.

The GOP super-majority in the General Assembly continues its War on Minorities through repeal of the Racial Justice Act.

Do you know anyone who thinks that racial bias and racial profiling is exaggerated?  Check this out:

Democratic Consortium Message No. 5 June 6

“Immoral Majority” in the legislature leads to Moral Monday Protests

Join growing numbers of concerned citizens on Monday after work to send your message

Over 150 citizens believed strongly enough to get arrested that the Republican legislature’s draconian bills have crossed the line from unfair, unwise and just plain dumb to immoral.

They participated with thousands of others in a protest at the legislature and now the movement has spread to Charlotte. Where else will it go? Where do you stand?

Why you should feel compelled to act.

The Republican Senate wants to “defund” our state’s successful drug treatment courts, despite evidence that they are cheaper and more effective than sending people to prison.

Proposed changes to the state tax code would result in a tax increase for 80% of NC taxpayers while the wealthiest 20% get a tax cut.

They have already cut unemployment benefits, now they want to restrict payments for workers injured on the job.

Add these to the gutting of public education, rejection of federal Medicaid assistance, meddling with reproductive rights and restrictions in access to voting we have already documented and one can only conclude that this legislature has abandoned its moral compass.

As Democrats we must stand together for our beliefs!

Equal Rights, Education and Healthcare for everyone.

Responsible Economics, Fair Taxes and a successful Middle Class.

Protecting the Environment, Energy Efficiency, Science and Technology

How in the world could anyone be against these things?

Democratic Consortium Message No. 4 May 20

Last week was crossover week in the legislature, which is when bills are passed to the opposite chamber. Here are some highlights of onerous measures moving toward becoming law.

The Moral Monday protests continue at the legislature.

Big Government Republicans know what is best for your local schools.

*     House bill 325 redraws Wake County School Board election districts, not surprisingly favoring right wing candidates. This has crossed over to the Senate.

*     Like local control over who owns school buildings?  Not if the Republican Government Micromanagers have their way. Senate Bill 236 allows the Wake Board of Commissioner to take school construction and ownership away from the school board.

*     And if that isn’t enough they are manadating curriculum by demanding that cursive writing and multiplication tables be taught in House Bill 146/Senate Bill 243.

NC Women: Don’t worry your pretty little heads: The Regressive Republicans in the NC Legislature know what is best for you.

*     Don’t worry about being able to make your own decisions about your reproductive healthcare. HB730 made the cut.

*     Don’t worry about poor children losing access to Medicaid.

*     Don’t worry about more of your family’s earnings going toward expanded sales tax.

*     Don’t worry about public schools losing funding.

If you can’t win, change the rules: The Title of House Bill 451 says it all:


*     Partisan and non-government-financed Judicial elections = a good deal for their wealthy lawyer buddies.

*     Anything to make it harder for selected people, mostly Democratic voters, to exercise their right to vote.